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Massage & Body Treatments

From wraps and scrubs, to relaxing massages Beautique has all of your needs covered.

Did you know we have a private steam shower? This room is reserved for our wraps & scrubs but you can request this facility for any of our full body treatments at no additional cost. 

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Gemstone Clay Body Wrap

$210 | 75 minutes

our unique gemstone clay comes from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, rich in minerals and rare earth’s containing qualities of tourmaline, energetic minerals, to remove anxiety, negativity, and anger. This treatment begins with a crystal polish to help remove dead cells allowing the clay to work deeper for maximum benefit. Sink deeper into relaxation while we cleanse, exfoliate, and massage the face & scalp. Rinse off in our steam shower followed by a 20-minute light massage and an application of Dermalogica’s hydrating body cream & SPF facial moisturizer.

| Balance Energy 
| Healing Energy 

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Beautiful Back Treatment

$140 | 60 minutes

Designed specifically for your back to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities. This deep clean treatment for hard to reach areas begins in our steam shower to open the pores. Your esthetician will then hand pick Dermalogica products to target your skin’s specific needs followed by a relaxing massage with a hydrating body cream leaving your skin feeling clean & refreshed.

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Glow Scrub

$120 | 45 minutes

Renew & brighten dull, dry skin with our exfoliating full body scrub & rainfall steam shower followed by an application of body cream leaving your skin replenished & hydrated.

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Relaxation Massage

$110 | 45 minutes

$125 | 60 minutes

(Swedish massage) The many benefits of this type of massage include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions & improved circulation which regulates and improves many bodily functions like promoting cell growth and enhancing organ function. 

* not performed by an RMT

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Deep Tissue Massage

$140 | 45 minutes

$150 | 60 minutes

Medium to Firm Pressure Massage helps to lengthen and relax muscles, increase blood flow, release muscle tension and promote a sense of well-being.

* not performed by an RMT

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Signature Massage

$180 | 75 minutes

a combination of Swedish & lymphatic massage and our signature aromatherapy blend. Hot stone placement to ease achy muscles, a warm towel foot wrap, hydrating paraffin hand treatment and extra attention to the scalp & face to reduce anxiety giving you complete peace of mind.

*not performed by an RMT

Prenatal Massage

$125 | 45 minutes

$145 | 60 minutes

Experience a specialized massage which helps to improve circulation, relieve tension, & reduce the stress on a mother’s changing body.


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Relaxation Reflexology 

$75 | 45 minutes

$95 | 60 minutes

A therapeutic massage method that stimulates predefined pressure points on the feet helping to calm the central nervous system, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and relieve pain. The treatment can be uncomfortable in certain spots where there is a “blockage”. By working out this “blockage” it can provide a sense of relief to the area in which that corresponds.

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Hot Stone Massage

$170 | 60 minutes

this full body massage uses the heat of the stones to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, increase circulation & metabolism. Soothe your body, whether to relieve chronic muscle tension or just to completely relax.  


Little Extras

Mini Facial                       $55.00

*We cannot perform body treatments or massage services on pregnant guests in their first trimester.

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